Packing List

African  safari sunrise


Light weight binoculars preferably 7x35 or 8x32;

Camera (remember plenty of spare batteries and extra memory);

Day Bag - small to medium soft bag for carrying camera, and personal items;

Good Flashlight with extra batteries and spare bulb;

Rifle cleaning kit– with accessories for each gun;

Soft Gun Case (if you are bringing your own rifle).

Proper Hunting knife;

Good pair of sunglasses;

Miscellaneous– personal toilet kit, extra pair eyeglasses, insect repellent, good quality sunscreen, lip balm, reading material, tobacco and/or cigarettes, personal medication.



It is unnecessary to pack excessive clothing because a daily laundry services are usually provided daily. Three changes of clothing are adequate as laundry is done regularly. Outer clothes should be dark green or dark khaki. It is acceptable to wear camouflage clothing during the hunt in South Africa.

Our suggested list of clothing:

4 Shirts, 2 long and 2 short sleeved;

2 Long trousers;

2 Walking shorts;

1 Lightweight-hunting jacket;

1 Light to medium down jacket;

1 Lightweight raincoat;

4 Sets underwear;

1 Wool sweater;

1 Sweat or jogging suit;

1 “Boonie” hat or wide brim field hat;

6 Pairs medium weight socks;

2 Pairs walking shoes;

1 Pair lodge slippers;

1 Pair gloves

Note: If you are prone to sore feet, heavier socks and one pair of sturdy hunting boots may be advisable. Whatever your choice, shoe or boot soles should be of rubber without lugs or cleats so that you can move quietly while stalking and tracking game. Dark coloured boots/shoes are recommended, NOT WHITE.



Wanted to thank you and everyone at Numzaan Safaries for the great hunt.  I think that your 470 kill shot not only saved us from many more hours of tracking but saved us also from a potentially very harmful and serious leopard attack.

Staying vigilant, with rifle shouldered, thumb on safety in order to take that split second shot is not easy.  It was simply amazing to watch and now reflect on that 7 man team effort successfully track down that leopard.
The newsletter was so well written by Mike that I must have read it 10 times, sent it to all my friends and it gave me chills as I recalled every second of what now seems like a dream.

Although my visit was short, and my hunt one night, I realize how fortunate I was to take the leopard the first night and that in reality, the prep work by Mike and the awesome Shorty was time consuming and required diligent thought and effort.  Much appreciation for that because without it, I am sure I would have been painting spots on an Impala!!!  Seriously though, it is important for me to have you know that I realize it was NOT a 1 day hunt but a MANY day effort and use of wisdom, skill and talent that allowed a one say SHOOT!!  Your entire team, Bennie, Shorty, Jean-Louis, Jaco, Mike and you were the consummate professional trackers and hunters! You must be extremely proud of your son Jaco.  He is a gentleman.  He is a humble and respectful young man with wisdom and talent far beyond most his age.  Please forward me a picture of his leopard if his bow hunt is as successful as I believe it will be.

You and the entire behind the scenes team at Nuumzaan are 2nd to none.  You treated Sandra and me to not only two fantastic hunts this year but a friendly, embracing, warm camaraderie that are more important in life than any trophy animal.

The true joy and success of an adventure is not necessarily the length of the hunt but the lifetime of memories in every second that passes by.  For the lifetime of memories, I thank you my friend and thank you Nuumzaan Safaries!!