All Field preparations are handled by our experienced and well-trained staff.  Hides are meticulously skinned, tagged with you name and chemically preserved before they are transported, free of charge, to our Local Taxidermy or Dip & Pack agent.   Numzaan Safaris will do all necessary documentation and arrangements to have your trophies safely and legally exported.

Preferred Taxidermist and Dip & Pack Agents used by Numzaan Safaris:

Life-Form Taxidermy

Swift Dip - Your Dip and Pack Solution


Shipping Agent used by Numzaan Safaris:

Safari Cargo Systems - 'expeditors of extraordinary cargo"


Price lists:

Click here for U.S. Dollar Life-Form Taxidermy Price list.


Important Notice Regarding Importing Trophies to the USA.


  •  All hunters must be identified by their FULL GIVEN NAME AS IT APPEARS ON THEIR PASSPORT.  This must appear on all documents period.
  •  Copy of the Hunt Register or Hunt Permit is REQUIRED  to submit with every entry.

Clients often request their Hunting Outfitters to combine two, or more, clients’ trophies onto one PH Register. Not only is this illegal to do, but it can land you in serious trouble. Should you as PH / Outfitter allow such practice, you can be held responsible for submitting false / fraudulent information, as you have signed the PH Register. According to the Lacey Act in America, it is a violation of law to complete / submit such false documentation.  


Following Animals may not be imported into the U.S. under any circumstances: 

  •  Cheetah 
  •  African Wild Dog 
  •  Brown Hyena 
  •  Scimitar Horned Oryx - Would have to have been ranch captive bred and taken prior to 09-02-2005, requires US CITES I permit. 
  •  Mountain Cape Zebra 
  •  Black Rhino 
  •  Jaguar 
  •  Black Faced Impala




Thanks for everything,

you did a top notch job.

Mike did a great job staying with us

when our flight had been cancelled.

We are planning to come back in 2016. 


Also George did a very good job. 


Thanks again  

Kim Milford

Randolph, NY